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    …to live and work on La Palma

About us

We have been living on La Palma since January 2008 and from that moment on we started setting up the first Dutch diving school on La Palma. We have been here since 2003 and have spent a lot of holidays there. La Palma had our heart stolen right away! Nature, both under and above water but also the wonderful climate makes La Palma the ideal place for us to live.

In 2007 we made the decision to move to La Palma and we have made preparations to start a diving center here. It was the beginning of a long and difficult road, but we knew that beforehand. Different rules apply here in the Canary Islands and life is different. That mainly has its advantages – life is wonderful here – and sometimes it’s hard to get things done. Now that everything is ready, we enjoy our lives here to the fullest!

Nanneke Boers (1975)

I am a social pedagogical counselor by profession. I have worked in the care and welfare. Among others in (child) psychiatry, mental health care and the reception of asylum seekers. In recent years in the Netherlands I worked as a team leader for a homeless shelter in Amsterdam.

In 1995 I got my Open Water Diver certificate in Australia. Beautiful natural, nice and warm, beautiful coral and very good view. After that I did not dive so much anymore. When I met Joost, we continued our training in the Netherlands together. I worked as a Divemaster in Amersfoort and Amsterdam. At the Tuimelaar Groningen I have obtained my Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) and EFR / CFC instructor. I did courses at Scuba Center in Amsterdam before we left for La Palma.

Joost Claassen (1965)

I once started a training for Social Cultural Worker at the Jelburg in Baarn. Soon moved off to ICT and worked at, among others, the ROB (National Service for Antiquity Soil Research) as a system / network administrator, then at Stelvio as Consultant Internet Technology Specialist and then at the NAI (Dutch Architecture Institute) in Rotterdam as IT-Specialist. In addition, I have been active as a website designer for 8 years at “De Websitemakerij”. I still make websites for companies here on La Palma but also in the Netherlands.

I actually do not dive that long, since 2004. Then I went diving a lot and did all the training up to and including the instructor at a steady pace. Since May 2007 I am Open Water Scuba Instructor, EFR instructor and CFC instructor. I followed the instructor courses at the Tuimelaar at CD Maarten van Baal. In the Netherlands I worked at Scuba Center in Amsterdam as Divemaster and Instructor.

For me, every day on La Palma is still enjoying it to the fullest. We live here at a wonderful pace, do work that we like very much, meet many nice people and the weather …. well, the weather is wonderful everyday. The years that we can live here do not take anyone away from us anymore!