Holiday homes on La Palma

La Palma is bursting with beautifully situated and well maintained holiday homes. Many holiday homes are from Palmeros themselves and are well-maintained with a lot of love and attention. There is a good chance that a fruit bowl will be waiting for you with fruit from the garden. Or even a bottle of wine from their own bodega.

We give here a few tips for some reliable providers here on the island. Balans Travel, Finca La Cruz, Oceaanzicht and last but not least Isla La Palma holiday homes are Dutch providers so easy to contact.

Isla La Palma:
Balans Travel:
La Palma Oceaanzicht:
Finca La Cruz:

We do not have holiday homes ourselves but we can mediate for you. Thanks to our large network and the many contacts we have on the island, we can certainly arrange something for you. If you are looking for yourself then there is a huge offer. For example, a list of property providers can be found on our La Palma page.

Do you have questions about a holiday home or are you looking for something special, send us an email, we can definitely help you further:

Hotel and Apartments nearby

Appartementos Adjovimar:
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Casa Sansofe (hostel and apartments):

A bit more away from Los Llanos is also very much to find. Below are a few tips.

La Luna Baila:
Las Norias:
Finca Sueño:

Have you found something yourself and you doubt about the location or whatever, we can always give you advice!