La Palma

A lot has been written about La Palma and there are a lot of websites with a lot of information about this special island. We will give you a couple of links, so you can take a look.

Casas, casitas etc:

B&B and La Casita, also with hiking tours from Ann and David in the north:holiday La Palma
A lot of houses (mostly in the north) and information about La Palma: islalapalma
Villa Quinta Valencia, for groups in El Paso: la-palma-villa
An individual roundtrip at La Palma (in Dutch): lapalma-rondreis
Holidayhouses and a lot of info (in Dutch): www.lapalma.oceaanzicht [tip]
Bungalows Sonvida in Todoque: bungalowssonvida
Casa Estrella in Los Llanos: casa-estrella
A lot of holidayhouses and rent a car: La Palma 24
Balans Travel, a lot of choice in holidayhouses also for childfriendly houses: balans-lapalma
La Luna Baila, Todoque:lapalma-sonne
Finca Marina close to, apartments and for groups: fincamarina
A pension in Los Llanos: el-porvenir
Breathtaking Holiday/Vacationrental-Homes in Tazacorte, not only the sunniest and warmest region of the island of La Palma but of entire Europe: la-palma-vacation
La Palma Jardin, close to Los Llanos: lapalmajardin
Finca El Gallo in Todoque: fincaelgallo
Casa Marcelo, holidayhouse on the eastside of La Palma: panorama-lapalma


All about hiking (in Dutch): lapalma-wandelen
Hiking (with  lugage transport) and diving/hikingholidays: holiday la palma
The outdoorshop from La Palma, Valle Verde: valleverde-lapalma
The bikeshop from La Palma, Bike’n’Fun: bikenfun
Diveclub El Caboso in Tazacorte: Hidalgo
La Palma Outdoor (Spanish): ekalis
Paragliding in Puerto Naos: coolvision
Paragliding in Tazacorte: hansi-im-glueck
Survival trail in El Pilar: Acropark
Kajaking: partner4lapalma
Boattrips from Tazacorte: Bussard and Fancy II

Fotos and arts:

Panoramas from La Palma by Yvan: lapalma-virtualtour
Wim del Arte’s blog: seniorennet [tip]

Food and drinks:

Nice dinners at El Hidalgo: Hidalgo[tip]
But also in Franchipani: restaurante-franchipani
The best tapas you find in Tazacorte at Carpe Diem: carpediemlapalma [tip]

Rent a cars:

We work together with auto Soyka: autosoyka
And Narki: autosnarki


Zwembekkens La Fajana

The weather in Spanish:
The weater in English:


Spanish info: oceanografica