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Here you will find information about holiday homes on La Palma, other activities, flights, rental cars, background information and much more.

For very detailed information about La Palma we refer you to our special La Palma site: La Palma Plaza . This now-popular info site gives you answers to (almost) all the questions you have about La Palma.

Holiday homes, apartments and hotels

Balance Travel La Palma, large selection of holiday homes: www.balans-lapalma.com
Finca La Cruz, a beautiful finca, very suitable for groups: www.finca-lacruz.com
La Palma Ocean view, beautifully situated holiday homes: www.lapalma-oceaanzicht.nl
Many houses and lots of information about La Palma: www.islalapalma.com/en/index.html
New website for Isla La Palma Holiday homes: https: //www.lapalmavakantie .com /
New and very beautiful, B & amp; Olio in El Paso: https://olio-lapalma.com/
Formerly known as Bungalows Sonvida but now after a thorough makeover renamed Finca Sueño La Palma: https://www.suenolapalma.nl/
Hotel Valle Aridane: www.hotelvallearidane.com
Hotel Benahoare in Los Llanos: www.hotel-benahoare.com
Adjovimar: www.adjovimar.com/
La Palma 24, more than 500 holiday homes on La Palma and car rental
La Palma.nu, many beautiful houses: www.lapalma.nu
La Luna Baila: www.lapalma-sonne.de
Casa Estrella in Los Llanos: www.casa-estrella.de
Finca Marina near Tazacorte: www.fincamarina.de
For a guest house in Los Llanos with Bikestation: < a href = "http://www.el-porvenir.info"> www.el-porvenir.info
Finca Verde in Cueva del Agua, Bio finca with cave house: www.finca-verde.eu/
Nice houses in Tazacorte from La Palma vacation .
La Palma Jardin, just outside of Los Llanos: www.lapalmajardin.com
Finca El Gallo: www.fincaelgallo.com
La Palma Travel, the online travel guide of La Palma: la-palma.travel
Villa Valentina, holiday homes in Tigalate: http://villa-valentina.es/index.php/en/
Finca Franceses, B&B & La Casita, also walks with luggage service from Ann and David: www.holiday-lapalma.com
Aceró Home, centrally located in Los Llanos:
Finca Paraiso: https://fincaparaiso-lapalma.com/
Casa Sansofe in Los Llanos, hostel / apartments: https://casa-sansofe.com/



La Palma Outdoor, a very large offer with all kinds of activities on La Palma: walking, cycling, kayaking and more: www.lapalmaoutdoor.com
Paragliding or as it is called here: Paragliding: www.palmaclub.com
Hiking with luggage transport and hiking / diving holiday: holiday-lapalma
Everything about hiking: www.lapalma-wandelen.nl
The La Palma outdoor store, Valle Verde: www.valleverde-canarias.com
The bike shop of La Palma, Bike’n’Fun: www.bikenfun.de
Magic-Bike, from Sigi, also from El Porvenir: www.magic-bike-lapalma. com
Maroparque La Palma: www.maroparque.com
La Palma Outdoor: www.ekalis.com
La Palma Tour, walking around the island with accommodation in different places: www.lapalma-rondreis.nl < / a>
Boat trips for finding dolphins from Tazacorte: www.bussard.es and the Fancy II
Guided hiking on La Palma with Natour:
You can read more about snorkelling and diving on this site: www.snorkelenduiken.nl and www.snorkelybuceo.com

Dolphins and Whales

The coast of La Palma is full of dolphins. Depending on the season – a little more in winter than in summer – you will find large schools here with dolphins and regularly also whales. During these boat trips you can also encounter other animals such as turtles and hammerhead sharks.

On La Palma these boat trips are provided by two companies, both from the Port of Tazacorte, on the west side of La Palma.

Fancy II and the Fantasy

Fancy II

With this boat the chance of spotting dolphins is greatest because it has a sonar to look for these special animals. The boat is quite large, it is a catamaran and is therefore stable in the water. The Fancy II also has a glass bottom. If the boat is stationary, take a look. Perhaps you are lucky and see a dolphin flash by at that very moment.
The Fancy II is a real tourist boat, usually quite full and with a banana on which you are dragged by a zodiac in front of the beach of Puerto Naos. The Fancy II is the most advisable for children. The chance to see dolphins is around 80%, of course you have to be a bit lucky.

Fancy II: www.fancy2.com

You can discuss the boat when you are here on vacation. Go to the port of Tazacorte and there is someone at a stand where you can buy tickets. Or call: (+34) 609 531 376. People speak German. Experience shows that just calling is more convenient than sending an email.


The Fantasy is also a boat with a glass bottom. This takes a maximum of 12 people. They are also looking for dolphin whales. and of course there is a chance to see other marine animals such as turtles and hammerhead sharks.

The nice thing about this boat is that you can see the bottom very well. The glass bottom of this boat is 2 by 3, so really big.

This boat also departs from the port of Tazacorte, in the same place as the fancy II. Reservations can be made at the booth in the port where the boat leaves or call us at: 0034 609 531 376

Prices (subject to change, these may vary)

Fancy II
Safari route: 4 hours, including lunch and drinks, € 45 for adults, € 25 for children.
North route: 2.5 hours, including soft drinks and snacks, € 35 for adults, € 20 for children

North route: 2 hours, including tapas and drinks, € 50 for adults and € 40 for children.


If you book with us, Casa de Buceo – La Palma diving house , 2 dives, or a dive for 2 people, or a snorkel tour, you get 10% discount pp on your tickets for the Fancy II or the Fantasy . Ask us for the conditions.

Bussard and Inia and Flipper

The Bussard

The Bussard is an old crab fisherman , an attractive wooden barge with a nice deck to get a breath of fresh air and to sunbathe. There are a maximum of 12 people on the Bussard so that it is never packed and you have enough space everywhere. This boat focuses more on a boat trip with good food. Everything is perfectly prepared, cup of coffee, soda, wine and tasty food (chicken, salads, potatoes, sauces). In short, enjoy the water. Just like the Fancy, the boat sails along the coast in search of dolphins. These have to be spotted with the naked eye and therefore you have to be a little bit more lucky. But the chance that you see them is certainly 75%.

In terms of atmosphere, the Bussard is much nicer and more relaxed. Maybe a little more unstable in the water, but if there are no waves you will not be bothered by the swell anyway. Really a nice boat trip!

Bussard: www.oceanexplorer.es

Also for the Bussard it is best to just enter the port of Tazacorte to buy a ticket. The positions of the Bussard and the Fancy II are next to each other. Or call: (+34) 644161003

The Inia

With the inia you go “full-speed” on the sea. You will sail on a large zodiac (an inflatable speed boat) in search of whales and dolphins. The Inia has room for 10 people. The chance that you will see dolphins and / or whales here is very high. Compared to the other boats, much more primitive (no toilet and food / drink), but spectacular.

You can buy the tickets at the port of Tazacorte or call: 0034 644161003

Inia: www.oceanexplorer.es

The Flipper

Another boat under the flag of the Bussard people. You can buy the tickets at the port of Tazacorte or call: 0034 644161003

Prices (also subject to change)

Flipper : 2.5 to 3 hours, adult € 27, children € 15, families (2 + 2) € 75

Bussard : 4 hours, including food and drinks, adults € 59 and children € 35

Inia : 2 hours, adult € 42, children € 27

General info

La Palma Plaza, everything about La Palma, food and drink, culture, active and holiday calendar: www.lapalma -plaza.com [tip]
News on La Palma: www.lapalma-info.nl
The Netherlands website with information about La Palma: http://royallapalma.nl
German website with information about La Palma, among others: www.my-entdecker.de

Photos and art

Panoramas of La Palma by Yvan: www.lapalma-virtualtour.nl
Wim del Arte’s blog: blog.seniorennet.be/schetsblog [tip ]

Food and drink

For great food and drinks on La Palma, click here !
Or go to La Palma Plaza for more info about restaurants: http://www.lapalma-plaza.com/


Buddhacasa, wellness for body and soul, www.buddhacasa.com


For a car we do business with Soyka: www.autosoyka.de
And also with La Palma 24: www.lapalma24.com

General info, weather and useful tips

For our weather page: click here
For all webcams on the island: click here
La Palma homepage: lapalma.startpagina.nl [tip]
La Palma Jumper Cable: lapalma.startkabel.nl
La Palma Collection Guide: lapalma.verzamelgids.nl
The Spanish weather: www.aemet.es/es/eltiempo/prediccion/loc alidades
The weather in Dutch: www.weeronline.nl/Spanje/ LaPalma.htm
Dive Destinations: dive-destination.startpagina.nl
Stories about emigrating online: www.emigreermagazine.nl
Taxi on La Palma: www.taxilapalma.com
Canary Islands info: canary islands
The Dutch broker on La Palma, Roger Ligter: www.lapalmavacant.com
Psicotécnico Triana, for diving medical exams: www.facebook.com/psicotecnicotriana/

More about diving and underwater life

Underwater: www.oceanografica.com
Underwater photo gallery: www.fotonatura.org
Diving on La Palma, the book about diving on La Palma: www.duikenoplapalma.nl
Site about diving in the Canary Islands: canary-islands.greatestdivesites.com

Flights to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC)

On La Palma Plaza and on our site you will find an up-to-date flight schedule of all airlines flying on La Palma: www.lapalma-plaza.com/vlieg-to-la-palma/

Directly from the Netherlands: Transavia
With a complete package: Sudtours
From the Netherlands with transfer: Iberia
From Germany: Condor
From Belgium: Jetairfly

With Ryan-air to Tenerife south or Gran Canaria, then continue with the boat , or fly with Bintercanarias or CanaryFly .


“The slow boat” from La Palma to Tenerife South: www.navieraarmas.com
“The fast boat” from La Palma to Tenerife South: www.fredolsen.es
The boat from the Spanish mainland (3 days), which you can also use by car / motorcycle: www.trasmediterranea.es