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    the Dutch Dive Centre


At a stone’s throw from the Plaza de España, in the center of Los Llanos, lies our dive center. After spending 8 years at the Calvo Sotelo in a very small dive house, we moved to a larger building with a nice big terrace on the Calle Conrado Hernández 4B. This street is behind the church at the Plaza de España and at the square Plaza Chica. It is a 1-minute walk from the parking garage.


We deliberately opted for a dive centre right in the center of Los Llanos and to a non-standard dive centre. We are a bit different, so our dive centre is also a bit different. We have a lot of space inside and outside. Inside there is a large counter where we receive our guests. And with enough space to also have a drink. Inside is also the sale of materials and a classroom for courses.


Many dive centres you will find on the coast and usually not in a city in the middle of an island. In the Netherlands it is quite normal, there you find diving schools mostly in the cities.

However, the geography of La Palma is different from other islands. It is a fairly small island and quite narrow so you can quickly drive from east to west. All dive sites are better to reach from the shore than with a boat. With the car it is a maximum of 50 minutes and with the boat that can be up to 8 hours.

Due to the location of the island, it is also the case that the conditions per side can vary enormously. There is always a side in the lee of wind and waves so there are always places where we can dive. Because the circumstances can change daily, we look every day at the best place for diving. Because of our central location in relation to all dive sites, our dive house is perhaps the best starting point for diving on La Palma.


What does that mean and how do you pronounce it? Just like “Dive House”, the literal English translation of “Casa de Buceo”, you will not find the Spanish name in the dictionary. Dive house is something like winery or coffee house, names that exist but that you do not often encounter.

Casa de Buceo is pronounced as “kasa the boeseo”. Bit tricky name maybe so you can also just say Divehouse La Palma.

Also a bar

The dive centre also has a liquor and food license, which means we are also a bar and we can sell drinks and food. We do that on a small scale, we have coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and wine.

A large terrace with washing area

Outside is our large terrace where you can also drink something. The cleaning area where we rinse our diving gear is next to our terrace. Enough space for everything and everyone.

We have a lot of visitors from many different nationalities. For many people it is still a bit difficult to post why we are not on the coast, but after our explanation everyone understands it. And…..Los Llanos is just a cosy and lively town with lots of things to do!

Where you can find us
Calle Conrado Hernandez 4
Los Llanos de Aridane
La Palma – Canary Islands – Spain

Tel: +34 922 464 886
Mobile: +34 663 326 520
Mobile: +34 671 227 040