• Scuba Diving on La Palma

    Welcome in the unique underwater world of La Palma

La Palma, also the blue island

La Palma, the most beautiful Canary Island (it is also called La Isla Bonita) and the greenest Canary Island (La Isla Verde), has a surprisingly beautiful and special underwater world. The deep blue color of the Atlantic, interspersed with jagged rock formations, basalt formations and lava rock make La Palma a unique diving area.

Colourful underwater world

But the underwater life can also be described as exuberant. Almost always there is a lot of underwater life around La Palma. From small neon coloured fish to big barracudas. But also many sepias and special rays. At a greater depth (> 30 meters) you can find the black coral, which is all but black. Often it has a deep red, brown color. And we often see manta rays and whale sharks.

Shore dives

We almost always dive from shore. We do not need a boat, to see and dive at the nicest areas. At La Palma we do not have a lot of currents and we can dive throughout the year. Sometimes (and that is mostly in the South of the island) we have to take the full and new moon into account.


The visibility is so average around 20 meters, so sometimes a bit better and sometimes a bit less. And it can also change a lot during a diving day, due to the tides. We also always try to find a dive site where the chance of good visibility is best. If we already know in advance that the visibility of a particular spot is not too good, we will move to the other dive site.

Always spring, also under water

The water has during the winter a temperature of minimum 18 degrees and in summer it can get a temperature of a very pleasant maximum of 25 degrees. La Palma has a very mild climate. It is almost always spring and very pleasant. The whole year through about 25 degrees. That also makes La Palma a unique and very pleasant destination for your (diving)holiday.

In the winter, the swell can increase quite a lot and this can make the surf very rough, which makes the ocean inaccessible on one side of the island. Is the ocean to rough in the west, than the east is quiet. That is why we can dive the whole year through.

It´s so quiet here!

La Palma is a quiet island, not yet spoiled by mass-tourism, The diving areas are always quiet and the groups are small. It is very likely you only see fish. You do not feel like scuba diving one day, than La Palma has a lot to offer above the water. For most people a week La Palma is way to short. Almost everybody returns to the island and mostly a bit longer than a week to see really everything from this special island.