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The past few weeks have been weird, surreal and heavy. What does us very well is the support, sweet messages, phone calls we have received from you. We are therefore very happy and proud that we have so many regular and loyal customers, who regularly come to dive with us and enjoy this wonderful island. That gives us the courage and the spirit to continue.

Now we have no idea, just like the rest of the world, when we can go back into the water and when you can come back to the island. Here on La Palma, everything is still locked until at least mid-April and who knows, even longer. And that, like many of us, means no income.

In order to give you an opportunity to do something for us, we have thought up the following possibility, partly thanks to a number of regular customers who walked around with the same idea: the sale of vouchers.

That means a little income for us in times of no divers, from which we can buy the necessary things and for us as a company the opportunity to continue after this crisis.

How does it work

Choose the amount you want to pay in advance. You send us an email or a Whatsapp. Then we will send you an account number to which you can transfer the money and we will send you a voucher via email / Whatsapp.

Once you are back on La Palma, we will deduct that amount from your total diving costs. In short, it is nothing more or less than a deposit on the dives you already come to make.

And if you just want to donate money, you can of course.

If you are interested in this proposal: send us an email or Whatsapp. Then we will forward the necessary information.

Whatsapp: +34 663 326 520


e-mail: hola@casadebuceo.nl

In addition to this call, we have also started a GoFundMe action. You can find it here.


Nanneke and Joost

Nanneke Boers en Joost Claassen