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Guided dives

We are happy to take you to the most beautiful dive sites of La Palma! In our dive center we make a plan together with you. And fill in the diving days ahead of you as good as possible. Because we do not have a fixed program, we look at the waves, we look at the weather and we look at your personal wishes. On that basis we determine which dives we will make.

We then ensure that all materials are ready for use and agree on a location that is favorable to you. We provide directions where to meet.

In short we offer customization but in consultation. We look at the possibilities and personal wishes. We take into account you but also with other divers. The groups will always be small, max. 4 people per guide and the different levels classified as well as possible.

You will find the prices for our dives in our price list. Please note that in Spain you are required to have a diving insurance. You can arrange one for yourself or we provide it for you. Many travel insurance policies cover diving, sometimes standard and sometimes supplementary. Check this at home and take a proof of that as well.

What is there to see? Well, a lot! Beautiful landscapes with a great diversity of marine life. Do not expect to see sharks, whales or dolphins here. That chance is pretty small. We sometimes see angel sharks and we regularly encounter turtles and manta´s. Here the variety and the beautiful landscape can be called unique!

Independent diving

Independent diving with our equipment or our own equipment but with bottles from us is only possible in very special cases. You will have to know all dive sites very well and be well informed about the changing conditions on La Palma. For most, however, this is not feasible. By diving with us you can be sure that you are making safe and beautiful dives. If you still have questions about independent diving, you can of course contact us.

Try Dives or Introduction dives

Are you also curious about the underwater world of La Palma? Then the try dive (also known as introduction dive) is the way to experience this. For the first time to breathe underwater and to float. After a detailed briefing you dive under 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 guidance, with an instructor in the ocean and you make a genuine dive of about 45 minutes.

Because we realize that a dive in the ocean is sometimes just too big a step, to start with an introduction dive into the pool is also possible. For more information: info@casadebuceo.nl

Scuba Review/Re-Activate

Have not dived for a while and do you want to refresh it all? A bit of theory, a dive in the ocean, including repetition of skills and use of equipment.

Night Dive

Does La Palma have no nightlife? Well, we thought so! Dive with us in the turbulent nightlife of La Palma, but then underwater. Consumption obligated!


Discover the beautiful underwater world, but without tanks!


  • explanation about snorkelling
  • our tips and tricks!
  • guided snorkel tour
  • from the beautiful beaches of La Palma!
  • 5 to 6 hours

All PADI Courses

From Scuba Diver to Divemaster. Information about the courses can be found here.